The purpose of this site

This site constitutes an invitation to both the Evolutionary Computation and the Artificial Intelligence community, including research groups, institutes, companies or individuals who may be interested for a cooperation in the GENETICA project. The current specifications for this project have been established by the author, however ideas and suggestions will be welcomed. The current project design includes the following phases:

a) development of a full scale GENETICA programming environment.

b) development, within the programming environment, of either GENETICA-like or GP languages specialized in different problem domains (the author is particularly interested in architectural design languages).

c) adaptation of the programming environment to a cellular parallel version of GENETICA supporting evolutionary cellular automation.

Both the context and the commitments of a potential cooperation, either scientific or professional, will depend on the correspondence in this site. Of course any visitor could use the ideas presented here in his/her own interest. The author is willing to provide assistance to any isolated research related to GENETICA’s approach. However it is clear that a networked cooperation making use of the technology developed so far could have a better chance.


Any comment concerning the material presented here would be greatly appreciated.