Development of Domain Specific Languages and Implementation of Genetic Programming in GENETICA


A general and effective approach to domain specific problem solving is to describe a problem, and the available knowledge on the problem solving context, in a high level language specialized on the problem’s domain. High level formal languages can be expressed in lower level ones if the latter languages satisfy a minimum of expressive capabilities. A typical example is given by the fact that any computer language can be expressed in the computer's machine language. GENETICA, which has the expressive capabilities required, supports the development of high level formal languages. The benefit is that GENETICA’s evolutionary computational system becomes available in the latter languages. Genetic Programming (GP) versions of high level languages become possible if programs in the latter languages are treated as evolving data structures in GENETICA.


Download the file GENETICA‑based_Languages.PDF .


Section 1 presents a general method for developing in GENETICA high level domain specific languages, including GP ones. Section 2 shows how the language G‑CAD (presented in the file G‑CAD_Documentation.PDF) has been developed in GENETICA.