Visualization of the computational process of the G‑CAD application

The content of the main window (see : GENETICA_Documentation.PDF,  5.4.3, 5.6) at the end of the computational process of the hotel floorplan application, including the visualization of the whole computational process, is presented here.



Consider the bottom edge and the left edge of the textured area as the horizontal axis and the vertical axis of a diagram respectively. The horizontal axis represents time in computational cycles. A range of 54 cycles is presented. The vertical axis represents three properties of the search state:

1.   The species' evolution (see: GENETICA_Documentation.PDF,  5.4.3: evolution diagram), where species (see: GENETICA_Documentation.PDF,  4.2.2.a) are represented by coloured zones ordered by fitness, with the best fitness species at the top of the diagram. The thickness of each zone represents relative species size (see: GENETICA_Documentation.PDF,  4.2.2.a). Critical innovations (i.e. new best-fitness species) emerge at the top of the diagram, while extinction takes place at the bottom of the diagram.

2.  The best fitness encountered within each computational cycle is represented by a red line. The first best fitness value, appearing at the left, represents a high distance from confirmation of the root formula. Low best fitness values (lower-left) represent a low distance from confirmation. The remaining best fitness values correspond in cases where the root formula has been confirmed while they represent the magnitude under maximization. .

3.  The ratio of the tests that introduce new species in the population to all the tests performed during a computational cycle is represented by a green line.