The Language G-CAD



G‑CAD, which stands for GENETICA CAD, is a computer language specialized in problem solving within the framework of architectural designing. G‑CAD is a GENETICA‑like (non GP) language where data generation scenarios evolve with respect to either confirmation or optimization goals formulated in the G‑CAD program. Design objects are represented in G‑CAD as interrelated logical constructions having both internal properties and communication channels. G‑CAD programming has the following features:

        Domain specific knowledge expressed in formal logic is encapsulated in design objects

        Objects exhibit context sensitive behavior based on object-to-object interactions.

        Both top-down and bottom-up interactions occur in the object hierarchy.

        Higher level objects result from behavior-driven selfassembly of lower level ones.

G‑CAD has been developed in GENETICA under the principles presented in GENETICA‑based_Languages.PDF. Specifically G‑CAD has been implemented as a GENETICA program, having input an arbitrary G‑CAD program. The execution of the latter program reflects the execution of the former one which operates as a G‑CAD interpreter and it is controlled by the evolutionary computational system within GENETICAís environment.


A brief unifying presentation of G‑CAD is presented in Section IV.C of the article "GENETICA: A Computer Language That Supports General Formal Expression With Evolving Data Structures", IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, volume 7, issue 5, October 2003, pp.456-481.

G‑CAD documentation is included in the file G‑CAD_Documentation.PDF. Section 1 presents G‑CADís terms and objects, the latter viewed as composite terms. Section 2 presents both the syntax and the functionality of the G‑GAD formulae. Section 3 presents the data organization in the problem formulation and the solution representation method. Appendix A provides a reference on special classes of G‑CAD formulae, while Appendix B presents the formulation in G‑GAD of a design problem concerning a hotelís floorplan.

An easy to understand visual presentation of both G-CAD and the architectural case study is included in the files Section_5.PPS and Section_6.PPS.