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Click here to download the article

L.I. Virirakis, 2003. "GENETICA: A Computer Language That Supports General Formal Expression With Evolving Data Structures", IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, volume 7, issue 5, pp.456-481.

Click here to download the article

I.F. Gonos, L.I. Virirakis, N.E. Mastorakis, M.N.S. Swamy, 2006. "Evolutionary Design of 2-Dimensional Recursive Filters via the Computer Language GENETICA", IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems—II, volume 53, issue 4, pp.254-258



The prototype version


Proto.exe   (1267 KB)   (393 KB)

The prototype version of GENETICA’s programming environment. It runs in any Windows platform. In order to use this version you have to download the file Proto.exe (or download and unzip the zipped version) and double-click on the filename. No setup needed.



Documentation & Tutorials


GENETICA_Documentation.PDF (637 KB)

Includes the documentation (reference manual) of GENETICA's prototype version followed by a tutorial presenting sample applications (section 6). You can test these applications by using Proto.exe and the files Hamilton_Cycles.gen, G31.lst, ITE.gen and ITE.lst as described in the tutorial.



Files referenced in the Tutorials


Hamilton_Cycles.gen  (4 KB)

G31.lst                       (2 KB)

The GENETICA source code and the input list for the Hamilton Cycles application presented in GENETICA_Documentation.PDF § 6.1.

ITE.gen  (1 KB)

ITE.lst    (1 KB)

The GENETICA source code and the input list for the If-Then-Else application presented in GENETICA_Documentation.PDF § 6.2.



Examples (problems & solutions)


Small_Scale_Applications.PDF (490 KB)

Includes a brief presentation of GENETICA applications in small scale TSP and Guilottine Cut problems.



Developing Languages in GENETICA

A case study: G‑CAD


GENETICA-based_Languages.PDF (70 KB)

Includes a semi-formal description of a general method for developing domain specific (including GP) languages in GENETICA. The method used for the development of G-CAD is also outlined.

G-CAD_Documentation.PDF (204 KB)

Includes the documentation of the architectural design language G-CAD which has been developed in GENETICA. A detailed presentation of the formulation of a design problem concerning the design of a hotel floorplan in G-CAD is included in the Appendix B.

Design_Evolution.PDF   (284 KB)

Presents evolving solutions of the hotel floorplan application, represented as architectural drawings.
A comparative presentation of evolving solutions, with comments on the optimization goals achieved in each evolutionary phase, is included in the file Section_6.PPS (below).



A visual presentation


Section_1.PPS   (200 KB)
Section_2.PPS   (126 KB)
Section_3.PPS   (241 KB)
Section_4.PPS   (498 KB)
Section_5.PPS   (224 KB)
Section_6.PPS   (1365 KB)
Section_7.PPS   (36 KB)     (1413 ΚΒ)

Zipped version of a unified PPS file

A plain in-depth explanation of GENETICA's key concepts, supported by examples and visual effects, is given in this PowerPoint presentation.


Section 1: Background

Section 2: Introduction

Section 3: Basic Syntactic and Semantic Properties

Section 4: The Computational System

Section 5: Developing Languages in GENETICA: G-CAD as a Case Study, An Architectural Design Problem

Section 6: Evolving Architectural Solutions

Section 7: Conclusions and Discussion

Click here to see a brief report on the solution procedure of the hotel floorplan application and the results produced.

Click here to see the visualization of the computational process within the hotel floorplan application.