The content of this site

This site presents documentation and results of the GENETICA project, providing a reference to low‑level implementation details. A general statement of the GENETICA approach to evolutionary problem solving, GENETICA’s theoretical bases, principal methods, justification within the framework of evolutionary computation and comparison with other evolutionary methods are presented in the article titled "GENETICA: A Computer Language That Supports General Formal Expression With Evolving Data Structures" published in the journal IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, volume 7, issue 5, October 2003, pp.456-481.


Specifically this site includes:

·            Publications that include the presentation of GENETICA, as well as the report of real scale applications developped in GENETICA.

·            Documentation of the prototype version of GENETICA’s programming environment in the form of a reference manual. A tutorial that presents sample applications is included in the documentation.

·            The prototype version of GENETICA as an executable file, as well as the files needed to run the tutorial’s applications.

·            Description of GENETICA’s applications on small scale problems, as well as the results produced.

·            A plain in-depth explanation of GENETICA's key concepts, supported by examples and visual effects, as a PowerPoint presentation.

·            Presentation of a general method for developing domain specific languages, including GP ones, in GENETICA. The development of the architectural design language G‑CAD in GENETICA is outlined as a case study.

·            Documentation of G‑CAD, including a detailed presentation of a design problem formulated in G‑CAD.

·            A brief report on the G‑CAD design application, visualization of the solution procedure, and the results produced.