The author's CV



Lefteris I. Virirakis


·                     Architect-engineer (NTUA 1986).

·                     Dr. of engineering (NTUA 1991) in CAD.

·                     Professional activities

-    Development of CAD applications for construction companies and software houses (1992)

-    3D rendering and animation presentations of architectural projects for construction companies and design studios (1994-continued)

·                     Educational activities

-    Lecturer in CAD applications:

     NTUA - “continuous education” (1994-1995)

     Commercial companies (1994-1997)

-     Lecturer in applications of informatics to design methods, NTUA - Postgraduate studies programs (1998-2006).

·                     Publications

-    L.I.Virirakis, 1993."The continuous search space design method", Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design, v.20, pp.617-643.

-    L.I.Virirakis, 1995."CSSDM: a computer aided architectural design method", Technika Chronika v.15 n.1-2, pp.7-19.

-    L.I.Virirakis, 2003."GENETICA: A Computer Language That Supports General Formal Expression With Evolving Data Structures", IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, v.7, issue 5, 2003, pp.456-481.

-   L.I.Virirakis, 2004."Artificial Embryogeny and Evolution in Architectural Design: Development of CAD Systems in the Language GENETICA", Technika Chronika: Architecture,Urban and Regional Plannig v.24 n.1-2.

-   I.F. Gonos, L.I. Virirakis, N.E. Mastorakis, M.N.S. Swamy, 2006. "Evolutionary Design of 2-Dimensional Recursive Filters via the Computer Language GENETICA", IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems—II: volume 53, issue 4, pp.254-258.

·                     Conferences

-    "Genetic Algorithms and Applications", plenary lecture at the WSEAS International Conferences MMACTEE, NOLASC, WAMUS 2003 held in December 29-31, 2003, Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece.

·                     Current interests and activities

-   The idea of Integrated Design and Building, closely related to both systemic and biological paradigms, as well as projects based on this idea are presented in the website Relevant work of the author is included in the presentation, as well as in the HEX HABITAT project animation.

-    The author participates in "Architects + Visualizers", a firm specialized in CG architectural visualization, algorithmic analysis and project-specific CAD application development, mostly for design projects having particular mathematical, geometrical or technical interest. The author had personal involvement in algorithmic analysis and software development for both "Desert Breath" and "Austin's Airth Gates" projects of D.A.ST Arteam and Danae Stratou respectively.