The author wishes to thank Vassilis Androulakis, Elias Drivakos, Constantinos Kyriazopoulos, Panayotis Nikolaidis, Kostas Patapis and John Stavridis, for very useful discussions and commends.

Vlassis Christodoulopoulos and Kostas Kouris provided important technical assistance in building this website.

Vassilis Sakellariou and Alexandra Koumba offered valuable commends. Vassilis also provided information concerning the theory of mathematical logic, while he encouraged me to proceed with high order modes of expression.

Pantelis Iatroudakis offered important commends and advice, helping me to give the material presented here its present form.

The author wishes particularly to thank professor Peter Ross (University of Edinburgh) and assistant professor Yannis Veneris (NTUA). Both offered important comments and advice having a critical influence on this research.

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